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My wife, Vica, the first time she ever visited DisneyLand. 2004

Success!!! Finally, on March 4th, the Administrative Appeals Office reviewed our case and found in our favor, marking the end of over three years of motions and appeals, and waiting. Our most sincere appreciations go to our Attorney, Jacob Sapochnick, for taking the personal interest in our case, and helping us maintain hope during this multi-year ordeal with our Government.


Update Feb '09: After more than two YEARS of waiting for the opportunity to speak to someone at my appeal for the denial of waiver, we received a denial of appeal letter. Effectively, we're faced with starting all of this over from scratch.


Breaking News! Our waiver has been sustained on appeal! Finally, someone in government took the time to actually read our evidence, and they came to the conclusion that the original and subsequent denials were in error!

Thanks for this monumental break in our case go to our attorney
Jacob Sapochnick.
He has stayed the course through the various Governmental errors and bureaucracy, taking a personal interest in seeing us once again together.

Also, thanks go to Holly Hough, liaison for immigration issues for Congressman Duncan D. Hunter's office. Her repeated inquiries no doubt prompted someone in D.C. to actually take a look at our case.

Thank you to all who have played a part, or simply observed our immigration system as it plodded along.


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The bureaucracy is broken.

My wife has been barred from returning to our home in San Diego by an immigration system gone haywire. It's been more than two years, and we've followed the letter of the law, paid the attorney's fees and the many Government Fees, all with no result.

This, from the very same system that allows "undocumented workers" to cross our borders daily with impunity. Frankly, this is ridiculous. Follow the law, sit and wait. Abuse the system, and be rewarded. This doesn't live up to everything Mr. Logsdon taught us in High School Civics all those years ago.

These web pages are intended to give you information that may be used to assist in reuniting us. Hopefully, you can be of some assistance, as the process through the regular channels appears to be designed in such a way as to consume as much as possible, while producing as little as possible, taking as long as possible.

Efficient, this isn't. Neither is it humane.


"Consume as much as possible, while producing as little as possible, taking as long as possible"


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